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    Originally posted by MasonACBB View Post
    To me it seems SOE isn't the ones running the show with this project. Jim Lee has a lot of control, the story is being worked on by real writers who I seem to have forgotten their names, and this game is about one thing in the developers eyes: making the fans happy with a great game with a great story and a great range of abilities. And I read on the games twitter that you will be able to acquire GLC Tech in the game.
    Well, SOE doesn't develop the actual games but they run the show once the servers fire up. Many of the MMO's under their brand were wonderful when they first came out (Star Wars: Galaxies for example), and then went down the shitter once tweaks started being made down the road.

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      I'll be getting it on ps3. My laptop does not have the juice for mmo.

      I tried starting second life on it twice. Both times it completely froze my system (cold reboots necessary both times).

      I just hope the construct possibilities are decent.
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        Totally PS3, they jumped one of my question in the chat. I literally saw the question before and after get answered, I asked about the other lantern Corps and they totally ignored it.

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          Lord of the Rings Online Team Snatched Up By Warner Bros.

          Warner Bros. video game family grows again today, as does the its ownership of things that fall under The Lord of the Rings brand, with the acquisition of developer Turbine, maker of The Lord of the Rings Online.

          According to Warner's announcement, that means "all games rights for the Lord of the Rings franchise will be unified under the Warner Bros. shield," as The Lord of the Rings Online covered the "literary massively multiplayer online game" rights. That mean, whatever flavor of LotR you prefer, Warner has you covered.

          Turbine is also responsible for the Asheron's Call series and Dungeons & Dragons Online.

          The WB has been on a bit of a developer looting spree over the past few years, acquiring LEGO game dev TT Games, the majority of Midway's assets and talent, as well as a big piece of Batman: Arkham Asylum creators Rocksteady Studios. Warner has The Lord of the Rings: War in the North from Snowblind Studios, which it acquired last year, due in 2011, ensuring a steady stream of dwarves, elves and men, Tolkein-style for years to come.
          not sure what, if any impact this news will have with DCU Online as SOE is underway making the game. Would be interesting to see a team up with this staff along with SOE. Would certainly go a long way in securing more faith in the title for me.

          Hard to turn down the experience of the devs behind Asheron's Call, one of the most successful, long running MMO's in history.

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