Green Lantern, Hal Jordan (DCUC Wave 3, Mattel)

Figure 5
Grundy right leg

Hal Jordan was the anchor of Wave 3, this figure is great, I have no paint flaws at all. all the joints move nicely.

It features the full leotard, with shoulder points and is packed with a Power Battery. The Battery is made of a lime green plastice, I would perfer it to be much darker then it is but that really is my only complaint

Hal has 25 points of articulation. which is a nice number, Mattel has not gotten into the business of finger articulation like Toy Biz had on the Marvel Legends and I don't think that they need to. He Hal has his ring had in a fist and his left open so he can hold his battery.

For Mattel the paint apps on this figure is amazing. Even his hair is shaded correctly.

the sculpt is just fantastic, truly capturing Hal's look, hats off to the Four Horsemen and now I will leav you with Hal charging his ring

again sorry for the fuzzy pics.

Do yourself a favor and pick up this bit of Molded Plastic.