Well, it's been a while, but I am super busy and you get tired of posting "Nothing! "

Anyway Today in the Hunt....

I have discovered DCUC wave 3 at TRU finally I picked my buddy up a Deathstroke figure (any time a Marvel Fan Boy wants something DC I'm gonna try to make that happen).

I stopped at TRU yesterday and saw the Infinite Heroes Arch Enemies 2 packs out, It is showing Captain Marvel / Black Adam on the card though I did not see that pack but maybe we will finally see the Black Adam figure turn up as I have never seen the single of him. also this Arch Enemies line is bull shit, it is all the singles repack except a Batman/Swat Team Guy 2 pack. The SWAT figure was in the 3 pack with Gordon so in the entire 2pack wave there is one new figure being Bats.

Now today I went out to PA and found Bennies Comics and Sports, this place was really good, I checked the GL box and there was the Drug Issue # 85 - which I very much needed, this is a 80 dollar book so when I saw the 32.00 dollar sticker on it, that peeked my interest. I put it back and looked around some more, at which point the owner asked "what do you collect?" to which I responded "Green Lantern" he showed me some SDCC GL rings he had and I told him he had something I was interested in but it was a little out of my price range we looked at it together and he said "32? hmmm how about 25 does that work for you?" - as you can guess I said "sold!"

fucking sweet my GL run is now from 2nd Series issue 82 - through current up broken every variant cover!

Back to the toys.

On my way home I went to a different TRU and saw the 2packs again though I did not see Black Adam's pack, I then looked down and there sitting on the shelve where 7 Defense of Oa 6 packs!!! The price point is 34.99 which is insane.

At this point

The price point on the 6pack is killing me, I was at TRU with my wife, she came around the corner and saw me checking paint aps, and then saw the price, instead of having a fight I handed it to her and said "I want this for Xmas" she said "this one right here with this paint job?" I said "Yes" and walked away so the pack is in the house but due to the price and the fact I just spent 25 bucks on a comic book, It will be wrapped up and under the tree for Xmas

I am a completist, it is my down fall.

So today was the first good hunt in a long long time.

Join me next time in The Eternal Hunt!