Welcome back to The Hunt.....

Figured it was time for an update of sorts.

Remember the Wave 4 DCUC KayBee exclusive Batman Beyond and Cyborg we all wondered what would happen to what KB went belly-up?

Well looks like Walmart scored them as I just found both unmasked BB and Sonic Arm Cyborg there.

Other then that the wait for the Giganta Wave is killing me, they have yet to be spotted anywhere at retail. And the announcement that the Chemo wave is a Walmart Exclusive is scarring the shit outta me. I remember Wave 5.

But the Kilowog C&C Wave with John Stewart and Katma and The Shark has me very excited.

My only new scores of late of the GL side of things is the NECA Head Knocker Hal and a new Mattel DC SuperFriends Coloring book I found at TRU.

I was bidding on an original GL 13 inch figure (my max bid 60 bucks org retail) and was out bid, the figure went for 61.50