Iíve never been one for mainstream news. As affiliates get closer, and closer to being infotainment, I find myself growing closer to CSpan and websites along the lines of the tv program. Unfortunately, these places are like eating oatmeal for breakfast. Theyíre good for you, but thereís no secret fun prize waiting at the bottom of the box. Flipping by CNN, or Fox News, or MSNBC Iím blown away by the headlines of ďThe government is fixing thisĒ, or ďObama establishes X To solve the economyĒ.

When are we going to realize that the economy is driven by us, not the government. Donít get me wrong, the government has a large role to play, but nothing as significant as the power we hold as consumers, employees, and employers. The economy is a natural flowing process, and one that is bigger than any one entity can control. No matter how some try. Businesses fade, and grow, and very little of that has to do with governmental involvement. Which is why it depresses me to flip by these news programs with only ideas being shown from the government on how to fix things.

Sure, itís easy to say ďregulations were lifted on this, or the senate passed this billĒ, but whereís the accountability on ourselves? Wal-Marts, and AIGs (no offense Wal-Mart), and other corporations are built by us. Providers can only provide, if the people in need buy into what the provider is selling. Businesses canít sustain on invisible money, even if our dollars are becoming more transparent. Before the word Ďbailoutí was uttered, this money was obtained through us. We gave it away trusting in other human beings to do the right thing. I really am not a pessimistic person, but should we really give our money to others and not question how itís being used? Do you buy a computer without making sure itís going to run right?

The government didnít question AIG with the bailout, and look what happened. If AIG couldnít handle their own wealth, and asssets what made the people involved with the bailout think they would do any better with money given to them?

So, Iíve rattled on about consumer responsibility and government; but how do we fix it? It definitely wonít be easy, and if anyone thinks itís going to be a quick fix youíre treading dangerous water. For a problem that has been in summation since our credit system was established, sending large amounts of money to various companies isnít the answer. The true solution lies in all of us. The government can prop the businesses up, but what happens after that? Will we have learned our lessons? Are we going to make sure that the money we put away for safe keeping in 401ks, and other various systems are being used right?

If the economy is built by us, will we make sure that it survives after the recession?