I'll be waiting for October for the price drop to hit on the digital. It will be the first time in almost 30 years that I haven't picked up at least one book during a month, very strange but my wife is weeping tears of joy that it's the end of the long boxes.

I'll grab others if they there getting getting buzz but as of now its:

Justice League

JLI (What ya want to bet they've retcon the One Punch and Winnick's shitty Ice retcon).

All-Star Western (Jonah Hex in Ol' Gotham Sold)


Batgirl (The one book I may break down and buy in print.)

Batman (sticking my toe back in but sure the shark is still lurking)

DC Presents (This should be DC's tent pole book, it kinda worked for Brightest Day. This should be the book where 30+ of the titles that get cancelled come January 2012 reside.)

Firestorm (Awesome creative team)

GL and GLC

I'll update as I drop or add titles.