So very sorry that I was away for the last month. Was on an intership and had 0 income so the mature thing to do was not to buy books, but with Christmas money+going back to my old part time job, well it might be time to get this back up. With a new format!

Uncanny X-Men[A-]
Wolverine & The X-Men[A-]
Invincible Iron Man[B+]
Amazing Spider-Man[A-]
Scarlet Spider[B+]
Carnage USA[A]
Venom Event(TBC)[]

Batman & Robin[A]
Green Lantern[A]
American Vampire[A+]


Marvel Movers
  • Wolverine and The X-Men[+] What better way, post first storyline, to get readers onto your book than to include new characters that are going to have some awesome storylines. Aaron does just that with the recent issue of WatXM(pronounce that! I dare you!) by having changes from Uncanny X-Force enter into the Jean Gray School. I'm looking forward to finding out more about Genesis and to see what happens to Angel.
  • Carnage USA[Rated A] Two issues in and this book reminds me why I loved the 90s so. I still have my doubts how these series bring Carnage back into the Marvel U, but if this ground work can allow someone like Slott to write a Carnage arc or two, than I am all for it!
  • New Avengers[Dropped] Do not consider this a shot against the work New Avengers is doing for the Norman Osborn character. This is more a question of finance on my part and since I wasn't fully invested in this book, it was dropped. But I will be on the look out for issues to be able to see this arc through.
  • Scarlet Spider[Rated B+] Goodbye Ben Reilly, hello Kaine! As the "failed" clone takes on the mantle of Scarlet Spider I find that this book started off on a good note but didn't quite do enough to be a great note. This was written and probably will continue down the anti-hero route, which means its going to have some tough competition with Venom on a month by month basis, but maybe Chris Yost has some ideas that we won't be able to see with Rick Remender's Venom? To be seen.

DC Movers
  • Batman[N/C] I just wanted to mention that I am really glad that this Owl theme is going into and maybe beyond 2012. Run with it Snyder!
  • Batman & Robin[+] Big story in B&R as the darkness that is in Damian is only going to be exemplified with Bruce as his mentor. I am also expecting that if there is one bat book to include either Snyder's Owls or Morrison's Leviathan, it's going to be B&R so stay tuned!

Image Movers
  • Invincible[N/C] No change, but so very tempted to move this into the A range. Kirkman has got me wanting more as the Viltrumites might just be wiped out of existance. Not to mention that having Invincible go rogue only helps augment the tension between people in the book, my only problem is Kirkman's inability to show us that tension as compared to just having his characters talk about it. If you want to pick up an issue, I would suggest collecting the Viltrumite war and jumping on with #87 and #88(coming out soon)