Another week, another set of comics!

Uncanny X-Men[A-]
Wolverine & The X-Men[A-]
Invincible Iron Man[A-]
Amazing Spider-Man[A-]
Scarlet Spider[B+]
Carnage USA[A]
Venom: Circle of Four(TBC)[]

Batman & Robin[A]
Green Lantern[A]
American Vampire[A+]


Marvel Movers
  • Invincible Iron Man[+] Dear Mr. Fraction. Please keep writing Demon in a Bottle Reloaded(known currently simply as Demon) just exactly as you're doing right now, aside for maybe a few pointers you might want to take from Mr. Remender and his current Venom run(Specifically Arc: Roadtrip) and for getting a new artist, there really isn't much more you can do to keep us interested. Oh, and please don't do any big events ever again.
  • Venom[+] If it wasn't for Scott Snyder, I sincerely think Rick Remender would be my fave writer in comics currently. More on Scotty later though. With this new issue of Venom, Remender brings Road Trip to a rapid conclusion and yet opens up the threads for Circle of Four and beyond. If you're a fan of symbiotes or a fan of emotional struggle in super hero comics, this is THE book.
  • Amazing Spider-Man[N/C] No change on ASM for a long while, but I did want to mention ASM anyways because I do feel that Dan Slott has been doing and is still doing a tremendous job on the title. Every issue of Spider-Man that releases is really refreshing in a world of dark and brooding anti-hero led comics.
  • Uncanny X-Men[N/C] No change for Uncanny in recent times either, but I do find that Gillen's masterful approach to the Utopians is a real joy to read, if you can, get your hands on his first arc and keep reading from them on, Gillen won't disappoint as far as the X-verse is concerned.

DC Movers
  • Batman[N/C] I can't go higher than a A+ for a book. Somehow the Universe would just collapse on itself. But you have to understand that I want to really really badly. Scott Snyder was a joy to read on his creation known as American Vampire. I was looking forward to him strutting his stuff on Batman but there was no way in my wildest dreams that I expected him to bring the main Bat-title to heights like these in such a short span. In this most recent issue he has not only shown his appreciation for the extended Bat-verse, but also his mastery of the comic book form. If you think those pages are a mistake, read them again...and again...and again...notice a pattern now? I can not wait until the "Night of Owls" Bat-event hits shelves!
  • Nightwing[N/C] Nightwing is mentioned here because of said "Night of Owls" Bat-event. This has been a surprisingly good book and a rediscovery of Dick Grayson for me. And although the story in this most recent issue is a little far fetched, it brings the reader away just enough to drag him back in with the conclusion and the ever growing question: how will this all tie in to the court of owls? Because you know it will. And once it does, don't be surprised to see Nightwing jump into the A range.

Image Movers
  • None