A new character was introduced in Nightwing during Marv Wolfman's run on the title and his name was...VIGILANTE(no not the cowboy) He then appeared in the mini series Gotham Underground, being beaten to a pulp by Bats after shooting Dick(who was in disguise as a Rogue). Little to nothing is known about him and if he is truly friend or foe. Looks like we're gonna find out when his own ongoing series begins in December!

Not exactly sure what to think of his character yet, he seems to be kind of the Punisher of the DCU but isn't Jason Todd also like that? It'd be interesting to see them meet. I enjoyed his role in Gotham Underground. He managed to spice things up a lot and was a fun character in the mini series.

The question is could he hold his own ongoing? Honestly at the moment, I'm completely unsure if he could. It depends on how his character develops. Is he interesting enough to carry his own series? Guess we'll just have to wait and see. Make sure to pick up the first Vigilante issue in December!