Well we all know how Countdown was a major flop and just about all of its story lines had nothing to do with the event it was supposedly leading up to which I am liking more as the event progresses. Well here's some of my thoughts on the issues and what I think we should have seen.

(I don't remember seeing half these people...)

My main problems with Countdown:

First of all why have a year long weekly series counting down to something that the plot has nothing to do with??? What the hell is up with that? Examples of this was building Monarch to be this big baddie with his grand multiversal army(Countdown Arena anyone?) when he will have no purpose nor even be mentioned again in Final Crisis or any comics after his final one. He had no point and neither does Lord Havok for that matter!

Also what about Ray Palmer being the key to stopping the GREAT DISASTER...what the hell happened to that? Has even made an appearance at all in Final Crisis? A cameo even? Why the hell was the point of finding him if he serves no purpose and since he also couldn't stop that "Disaster" of whatever Earth Kamandi's from that got 28 Days Laterified(yeah that's a word lol) And the Challengers of the Beyond that played such a central role in Countdown...that's right no where to be seen.

Mary Marvel...sure she's in Final Crisis but this incaranation of her is completely different than the main character in Countdown(who they had no idea what to do with I might add first giving her new powers, taking them away, giving her good powers back, taking them away only to have her get the black one back)

And most of all DEATH OF THE NEW GODS is completely different than what is happening with the New Gods in Final Crisis!!!! So did Orion really kill Darkseid or not? Is that the reason he has to inhabit Turpin? Well if that's the case then that's the one good link.

Ok...rant on Countdown over...


The Evil Gods beginning to disguise themselves as humans. That would have been cool to see them become that way. Did they all have to go through that punishment that Turpin went through to be inhabited by Darkseid? It would have ruled to see the Evil Gods beginning to infiltrate Earth like Godfrey being that preacher for example.

Libra recruiting his society. Maybe we could have had just a mysterious hooded figure recruiting members to his society one by one, to be revealed to be Libra in Final Crisis.

Maybe show that Kraken was starting to act a little strangely to have the big reveal that Granny took over her when she attacked Batman. It could have been more shocking if we had more of a lead up to it.

I mean we should have at least had plotlines that connected to Final Crisis. The end of Countdown should have ended with Orion being shot down by the bullet and then saying TO BE CONTINUED IN FINAL CRISIS! That would have gotten me pumped but instead all we get is Harley and what's her face giving a dumb narrative.

Well I guess those are my thoughts. Such a shame that a series that's supposed to be a lead up to something doesn't do its job. Not one of DC's better outings for sure...


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