Jason Todd has been one of my favorite characters for quite some time now and it's really hard for me to understand why there's such hatred toward him. There are arguments like "He was too much of a jerk to be Robin", or "he works better dead as a reminder to Bruce". But honestly, I can counteract arguments like that.

The Jerk Robin Argument:
A lot of people have said that Jason didn't work as Robin because he was too much of a jerk who would talk back to Bruce and not do as he was told. True. But what's the matter with having someone different as Robin than Dick? Is it so wrong that DC decided they didn't want this happy go lucky sidekick who'd just crack jokes the whole time? Batman fans immediately went "ugh, I hate this kid" but maybe you weren't supposed to like him. And what about Damian Wayne, the current Robin, who shares many similar traits with the young Jason. Both aggressive, stubborn, and even jerks. People seem to be growing to accept Damian as Robin over time and I wonder, did people judge Jason too harshly?

The Better Off 6 Feet Under Argument:
Yes, Jason did serve a purpose while dead, being a constant reminder of Batman's greatest failure. But you know what's even more of a failure for Bruce, that would hit him harder than even watching one of his sons die? Seeing one of his protege's become everything he stood against, everything he tried to steer him away from. A gun wielding murderous man who takes the extremes that Bruce warned not to. Jason is definitely still a reminder now that he's resurrected and arguably, he's even a more cruel reminder than he was when he was dead.

The I Hate Him Cause He's a Douche Argument:
Do we really want all of our favorite characters to be so happy and all get along with each other just fine? Honestly, I don't think any of us want that. We want complex characters who aren't just black and white. We want characters who are different from one another. Sure, Jason comes off pompous and arrogant, but he's his own unique character.

Just thought I'd share my opinions on the character.