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Ωmega Man 12-01-2018 01:59 PM

John & Hawkgirl in JL?
They're both members of the League, and if the DCU really wants to make some type of Beyond universe connection they could have a kid together. Warhawk was one of the coolest Beyond concepts, and with Hawkgirl having metal looking wings now it even kinda ties into Warhawk's look more.

It also kinda bugs me JL is doing a Thanagar story without Hawkman. They're doing so much more in Hawkman's series to redefine those characters [assuming there's a connection to Hawkgirl still...].

Ray Palmer should get a new sidekick soon that isn't Ryan Choi but some form of Micron.

Star-Lantern 12-02-2018 12:30 AM

I read that Snyder is planning on bringing in the Shayera Thal version into Justice League in the upcoming Thanagar storyline. With two versions of Hawkgirl (woman) present, I think it is a safe bet that John Stewart will become romantically involved with one of them.

If that comes to pass, hopefully it does not piss off Hawkman fans since the other Hawkgirl will be open to be pared with Hawkman whenever someone wants to do that, even though it will probably piss them off regardless. I've surmised that Robert Venditti, the current writer of Hawkman, dislikes writing female characters and dislikes writing romance, so he probably has no plans of putting Hawkman and some Hawkgirl together anyway.

In my perfect world, Shayera will replace Kendra on Justice League and John and Shayera will engage in a romance. My reasoning is that if you're going for cartoon nostalgia (which Snyder obviously is with his line up), you may as well do cartoon nostalgia and not go three fourths of the way there, because you wouldn't please anyone with that. Hopefully this is what will happen when the Thanagar storyline wraps up. Kendra can go hang out with Hawkman if Venditti is interested in that, which, again, he probably isn't.

I can see them replacing Kendra with Shayera as a sort of course correction thing. Some fans have wondered why they use the cartoon line up but then use the wrong Hawkgirl, especially if a Green Lantern romance is in the cards. Putting John Stewart with Kendra is just bizarre and confuses the issue of "who is who" even more. Imagine having to explain this to a casual. "Yes, John Stewart, Green Lantern the third, or the fourth, or maybe even the second depending on how you look at it, falls in love with a Hawkgirl in the comics, too, but it's not the same Hawkgirl that is in the Justice League cartoon!" Noooo, don't even do that, DC!

I get that DC is absolutely unmoving on the Wally West vs Barry Allen issue, but I don't get why Shayera is always dead or something when she is by far their most popular Hawkgirl. I guess Geoff Johns may have safeguarded Kendra all those years, since she is his creation, but now that he is out of the boardroom, I don't see the advantage in using Kendra over Shayera, and no one should be able to stop that from happening.

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