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Dantius 09-24-2015 04:49 PM

Green Lantern Original Movie Synopses (Help Wanted)
For some time now I have been gradually writing the synopses for various Green Lantern movies as I would make them. I have been doing this by mostly copying and pasting from the DC Wikia, then polishing and altering wherever needed, making significant edits.

My method is to essentially choose a specific event, then merge other events into it in order to combine several significant moments in GL history into a few movies, primarily following Geoff Johns storylines. I am also considering turning them into actual screenplays. Each movie is cut into three acts.

Thus far, I have made the most progress with "Green Lantern Corps", my ideal sequel to my ideal "Green Lantern". It is mostly based on the "Sinestro Corps War" storyline. I have made significant alterations, especially by swapping characters and removing others, such as by replacing Kyle Rayner with Hal Jordan (since I wanted to merge this storyline with Hal's possession by Parallax, considering how significant it is in the comics), replacing Sodam Yat with Guy Gardner (who would have just been newly recruited), and replacing Hal's role in the comics with (mostly) John Stewart (who would be introduced between Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps in my ideal Justice League film) and replacing Tomar-Tu with Tomar-Re, who dies on Qward.

My Green Lantern synopsis, on the other hand, is far, far from complete. I have essentially pasted the entire Secret Origins story, but I find it is not movie material, so that will require far more alterations.

I am primarily looking for help with filling the gaps and fixing problems here and there. Would anyone like to suggest ideas? This deserves to be a complex discussion, so please feel free to ask questions and get comfortable if you would like to assist. Updates shall also be put here. Also, please tell me what you think of it thus far.

If this gains any attention, I shall also be happy to move on to the other movies with you as well.

Reminder: most, if not all content, must originate from somewhere in the comics, preferably from a source on Wikipedia or the DC Wikia for easy reference. Also, feel free to discuss ideas for how the Green Lantern movie should be, what stories it should be based on, etc.

So without further ado, here is the synopsis for my Green Lantern Corps film thus far. Those most familiar with the comics should be able to understand certain mentions perfectly.

Act I

Twenty-three years ago, in the midst of a civil war on the planet Korugar, Sinestro (not yet a Green Lantern) is speaking to his wife, who cradles his child, somewhere beneath the surface as tremors rock their surroundings. Sinestro pleads with her to leave Korugar with their daughter and never return, for their safety. She eventually relents, reluctantly. Above ground, Sinestro soon emerges and attempts to encourage the angry and violent mobs and riot police to stop fighting each other, until a bomb strapped to a child detonates in a massive explosion. Later, amid the rubble and corpses of the explosion’s aftermath, Sinestro cradles his dying wife in his arms, his daughter nowhere to be found. As debris begins to fall down around them, he apologises for being unable to save her.

Twenty years later, Sinestro takes Hal Jordan to Korugar, where he discovers that Sinestro has oppressed his people in the name of “order” in a militaristic dictatorship. Horrified, Hal Jordan berates Sinestro, frustrating the veteran Lantern and leading him to punching his student, who quickly retaliates against his tutor, and the two begin a vicious duel with the power of their Rings, with Sinestro easily taking the upper hand. Getting beaten down, Hal reveals that he has already called for backup. Before Sinestro can kill Hal Jordan, several Lanterns arrive and swiftly detain Sinestro with Hal’s help.

On Oa, Hal is introduced as a witness for Sinestro, to be cross examined by Tomar-Re before the Guardians for judgment. Upon Sinestro's questioning, Hal admits that he was trained in the importance of order, and that he is unsure of the amount of deference for the Green Lantern Corps that should be paid by the residents of the sectors they protect. Tomar-Re's line of questioning suggests that Sinestro abused his power in his duties protecting the planet Korugar. Tomar-Re then calls a Korugaran, Soranik Natu, to the stand, where she testifies of how Sinestro's brand of order oppressed the Korugarans. The effect of her testimony is strong, and the Guardians easily judge that Sinestro has abused his power. Sinestro is sentenced to be banished to the anti-matter universe of Qward. He is enraged and threatens vengeance on the Corps and the Guardians, before he is transported away in a flash of light in which the title is revealed.

Three years later, the Green Lantern emblem materialises on the chest of Guy Gardner’s uniform. Beside the Central Power Battery, Kilowog is welcoming him as a fully-fledged member of the Green Lantern Corps. Deciding his uniform does not suit him, he wills it to change with Kilowog’s help, making it into something far more befitting. The two are then greeted by Hal Jordan, now an Honour Guard, who also wants to welcome Guy to the Corps. Guy makes fun of Hal, saying that Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman get “all the press in that League of Justice thing.” Hal counters by making fun of Guy’s jacket. Kilowog offers to buy them some drinks.

Meanwhile, Batman, standing on a Gotham City rooftop on a rainy night, hears a voice that tells him that he has the “ability to instil great fear”. The voice originates from a Yellow Power Ring which attaches itself to Batman's hand and welcomes him to the “Sinestro Corps”. However, Batman resists the Ring, causing it to reject him and continue its search for a sentient being within Sector 2814, with Batman wondering what just happened.

On Oa, the Guardians of the Universe are debating. The Guardians Ganthet and Sayd believe that an ancient prophecy known as the Blackest Night is coming to pass. The other Guardians, however, dismiss the prophecy.

In Sector 2828, Green Lantern partners Stel and Green Man encounter a yellow power ring flying indiscriminately through space. Giving chase, the two eventually capture and confiscate it, bringing it to Oa. (WIP)

Suddenly breaking from its captivity, the yellow ring entraps Hal Jordan in a force-field, then flies into space, pierces the shield and vanishes in an explosion of yellow energy. As the other Lanterns attempt to follow Hal, a strike team of Sinestro Corps members appears out of nowhere and flies through the hole in the shield. A Yellow Lantern fires upon the defending Lanterns from three sectors away, and continues firing until John Stewart takes him down with his own sniper rifle. During the battle, many Green Lanterns are killed before they suddenly retreat. John and Guy notice that the Corps is gathering in front of the Central Battery, where they see that Ion, the entity residing within, is missing.

Meanwhile, Hal arrives in the Anti-Matter universe on the planet Qward, where he witnesses Sinestro, in a yellow uniform, speaking before a massive gathering of the Sinestro Corps. He is noticed and captured by Sinestro and his Corps. Using his fear-powered Ring, Sinestro forces Hal to confront his greatest fear: if his father died in fear. Sinestro shows Hal his father's crash and that his father said something before he died, but he will never know what, suggesting the possibility that his father died in fear. All but broken, a frightened Hal Jordan is sent into the Yellow Central Power Battery, where a vicious entity made of living fear emerges.

On Oa, the Green Lantern Corps are tending to the wounded following the Sinestro Corps attack. Although twenty were killed just in this attack, Salaak informs the Corps that the Sinestro Corps continues to hunt Green Lanterns across the universe. John Stewart and Kilowog ask where the Guardians of the Universe are.

In the library of the Book of Oa, the Guardians of the Universe are preparing to remove the prophecy of the Blackest Night from the Book. Ganthet and Sayd oppose this move, saying that by ignoring these threats they are making themselves vulnerable. The other Guardians dismiss the Blackest Night as lies made by Atrocitus, and destroy the chapter.

Elsewhere, John receives a secret message from Ganthet and Sayd, who tell him that in order to power their Rings, the Yellow Lanterns must have harnessed the power of Parallax, a being made from pure fear, describing how entire civilisations destroyed themselves out of paranoia before the Guardians banished it to the Anti-Matter Universe. They continue to state that these “Yellow Lanterns” are an unprecedented threat, no doubt having harnessed Parallax’s power to create their Rings. He says that the Green Lanterns need a strong leader to rescue Hal Jordan and Ion before the Central Battery runs dry. Ganthet and Sayd promise to do all they can to help the Earthmen, and they promise to hope. Rejoining the others, John is informed by Tomar-Re that a team has been assembled to head to Qward to rescue Ion.

Salaak and Kilowog address the current group of rookies and some veterans, briefing them on recent events and their orders. Because of the recent attacks, the current group of rookies are getting their badges now, and are ordered to charge their rings and assemble for deployment. (WIP: Salaak vs. Guy needed)

The Guardians of the Universe observe the state of the war with the Sinestro Corps: John and Tomar-Re are heading to Qward, Kilowog is leading a force to defend Mogo and the rest of the Green Lantern Corps is recalled to Oa. Soranik Natu, now the Green Lantern of Korugar, refuses to acknowledge the order, still dealing with the crowds hailing her as a hero.

On Korugar, an anti-government rally has gathered in support of Soranik Natu. Natu herself is there, but she urges the people to return to their homes, saying that she is a doctor, not a leader. The rally organizers use her comments as an example of her modesty, but Soranik insists that she has no desire to use her ring to gain political power. Just then, Sinestro arrives, feeling an air of familiarity with the Green Lantern banners and cheering crowds. As the Korugarans flee in terror, Soranik declares that Sinestro is under arrest. Amused at the prospect of being taken down by his former ring, Sinestro attacks.

Sinestro is easily dominating his fight with Soranik. The police soon arrive, having been sent to break up the rally, only to then turn their weapons on Sinestro. Sinestro laments what has happened to Korugar since his expulsion from the corps: riots and armed police in the streets, and decides to remind the Korugarans what happened when people disobeyed his rule. As Sinestro begins killing random Korugarans, Soranik hurls a jagged piece of shrapnel at Sinestro, only for her ring to stop her and shut down, but Sinestro is impressed with her ruthlessness.

He is surprised that she has not called her Sector Partner yet, and notes that in his day, he kept order in Sector 1417 for years by himself. Sinestro knows what Soranik is truly afraid of: becoming a monster like him. However, he decides not to kill her, knowing that he has had his victory, and believes that she will stay on Korugar now that he has shown Soranik her place. The Korugarans will also believe that she defeated Sinestro, and will rally to her. Sinestro releases her and leaves, letting her fall to the ground, but she survives. As the Korugarans believe that Sinestro would not have spared her life, they think that she defeated Sinestro. Even the police sent to arrest her begin hailing Soranik Natu as the "saviour of Korugar".

Meanwhile, in sight of Lantern Mogo, the sentient planet, Lanterns Isamot Kol and an injured Vath Sarn are making their approach after having narrowly escaped an attack from the Sinestro Corps, when Vath notices an eclipse occurring at rapid speed. The two turn around and discover that the Sinestro Corps is about to attack Mogo, along with a massive mechanical planet, emblazoned with the logo of the Sinestro Corps.

Act II

Above Mogo, Arkillo leads the first wave of the Sinestro Corps. Vath and Isamot estimate the numbers and their chances. As the first wave of Yellow Lanterns attack, Bzzd runs them down with a train construct, followed by Kilowog's squadron, who plunge into battle. Guy asks Arisia what will happen if Mogo is killed, and Arisia explains why Mogo is the soul of the Green Lantern Corps: the Green Lantern Rings seeking out new recruits are guided by Mogo, and if he is killed, recruiting stops. Kilowog wonders what they are facing, and Lantern Stel speculates that it is Ranx, the sentient city, vastly modified. Kilowog orders Stel to stick with him and provide intelligence, and for the rest of the Green Lanterns to regroup planetside. Stel deduces what makes Ranx such a valuable asset: his gravity disruptors will be able to dig through Mogo's crust and into his core, where his ring is, allowing the Sinestro Corps to destroy him.

On Qward, Parallax battles Hal Jordan inside his mind, mocking him over what Martin Jordan's final words were. At that moment, however, John Stewart arrives along with Lanterns Tomar-Re, Boodikka, Ch’p, Chaselon, Hannu, Laira, Apros and Voz. Engaging the Sinestro Corps, they are all horrified to see what has become of Hal. Voz explains that they are there to find Ion and cannot afford to retrieve Parallax, detecting Ion’s energy signature deep beneath the surface. Parallax begins playing on their fears. His words begin to have an effect on Ch’p, making him afraid, and Parallax kills him, crushing his ring as it leaves to find a replacement. Hannu punches his way through the ground, making an escape route for the Green Lanterns. In the catacombs, Chaselon discovers that the walls are lined with an ancient text that reads "Fear infects" over and over. Boodikka uses her ring to locate Ion. John refuses to abandon Hal and goes elsewhere, with Tomar-re agreeing to go with him, determined to save his friend, as does Chaselon, while Boodikka, Hannu, Voz, Laira and Apros go to find Ion.

In Coast City, late at night, Jim Jordan is looking over recently cancelled insurance policies. His wife Susan finds him outside, and Jim says that he is increasingly worried about the state of Coast City. There are only fifteen thousand people in the city, and businesses are drying up. Jim thinks that they should move back to Sacramento. Jane, his daughter, runs out saying that she had a nightmare that Uncle Hal was going to kill someone. (WIP)

On Oa, the Guardians of the Universe debate the prophecy of the Blackest Night. Ganthet asks if they are acting out of fear, but the Guardians quickly deny that they are. The Guardians decide that if the Green Lanterns are capable of overcoming great fear, they must do so as well. It is time to rewrite the Book of Oa.

Salaak requests a universe-wide status report. He then receives an update on the Battle of Mogo from Kilowog. Kilowog wants Soranik Natu there for intelligence, but Salaak is more concerned about Ranx. However, Arkillo has found Kilowog, and the two begin a brutal fight, but Kilowog is able to blast him away momentarily. Stel suggests that a squadron of Lanterns launch a strike force on Ranx himself, where they can neutralize him. Kilowog orders a group of Lanterns to disable Ranx, including Green Man, Stel, Vath Sarn, Isamot Kol, and Guy Gardner. Arisia tries to get herself on the team, but is hit from behind by Arkillo. She is alive, but Kilowog is mad now.

On Qward, John, Tomar-re, and Chaselon make their way deep into the Temple of Sinestro, where they discover Lyssa Drak, the Keeper of the Book of Parallax, who battles the group using chains. John drops a green energy house on top of Lyssa, but this causes a breach into the factory where Qwardian slaves are building Rings and Power Batteries. Although they may be slaves of Sinestro, they are still Qwardians, who hate the Green Lanterns. Fortunately, they make quick work of the Qwardians. (WIP: Expand upon Lyssa Drak)

Meanwhile, Voz’s group are heading down a tunnel when they see a light ahead. They find Ion, but they have also found his jailer: the Anti-Monitor. Momentarily taken aback by his presence, Voz orders Hannu and Laira to rescue Ion while he and Boodikka attack, only for Voz to be killed before he even finishes his sentence. Telling the others to cover their eyes, Hannu blasts the Anti-Monitor with his power ring.

On Oa, the Guardians of the Universe are debating with Ganthet and Sayd about the rescue of Ion. Ganthet and Sayd believe that Hal Jordan’s rescue is of equal importance, but the Guardians believe that Ion is more valuable than any single Lantern. The Guardians then announce that they must rewrite the Book of Oa immediately, or else the Green Lantern Corps will be destroyed. Ganthet opposes this, saying that it is madness. By this point, the Guardians have had enough with Ganthet and Sayd and inform the two that they are aware of their secret love for each other, and are held guilty of violating the Guardians' highest rule: acting on emotion. They are immediately banished from the Council of Guardians.

On Mogo, Kilowog leads his squad of Green Lanterns against Arkillo's Sinestro Corps members. Arisia heads to Ranx to go find Guy. Thinking of a way to protect Mogo, Stel advises that Mogo concentrate all his energy on creating a shield around his core. Mogo agrees with the strategy.

Inside Ranx, Guy Gardner leads his team to find Ranx's central core. As they head into the core, a Yellow Lantern finds him. Arisia arrives to help but Guy has already managed to fight them off, and confidently says he does not need help. Arisia counters that despite his skills, he is no Hal Jordan. However, Stel realizes that Ranx’s, gravity disruptors are powered by a black hole via a subspace link. If Ranx explodes while linked to a black hole, everything in two light years could be destroyed.

In the catacombs on Qward, Amon Sur leads a search party for the Green Lanterns. Suddenly, John’s group attacks them, but Sinestro and Parallax soon arrive. Tomar-Re attempts to subdue Sinestro from behind, but just as the other Lanterns burst through the floor riding Ion, he is killed by Parallax, letting him fall to the jagged ground below as his ring flies away. In a rage, Laira attempts to kill Parallax, only for her ring to lock out due to attempting lethal force. The Anti-Monitor is following Ion, and the Green Lanterns are forced to leave Hal behind once again, now devastated at the loss of Tomar-Re. John decides that they are going to need the Justice League's help to defeat the Anti-Monitor and heads for Earth, while the others take Ion back to Oa. Sinestro orders Parallax to scout ahead, and orders his Lanterns to begin moving the Yellow Central Power Battery.

On Korugar, Soranik Natu oversees the last of her patients wounded by Sinestro's recent assault. However, she can no longer remain on Korugar and instructs a police officer to send the rest to the Central Hospital, and to have the Hospital treat them or answer to her when she returns. She says that if she does not return, then she is dead, and all of Korugar will answer to Sinestro.

On Oa, the Guardians of the Universe debate their situation: if Mogo is destroyed by Ranx, then the Green Lantern Corps will be destroyed. Aware that the number of Lanterns is dwindling, and that the Sinestro Corps ranks remain static, the Guardians decide to inform the rest of the Corps of the new law added to the Book of Oa. Travelling through space, Ganthet and Sayd sense that the Sinestro Corps is gathering, but they do not seek to control the universe, but the multiverse itself.

More Yellow Lanterns keep falling on Mogo and the battle appears lost, but just as Kilowog tells his troops to make the Sinestro Corps work for their deaths, Green Lanterns all across the universe receive a single message: “Attention, Lanterns. The Book of Oa has been rewritten. Lethal force has been authorised.” Many of the Lanterns take it to heart, and begin killing the Yellow Lanterns, though Kilowog only does so with reluctance. Learning that they are now in danger, several Yellow Lanterns break ranks and abort, while Kilowog tells Mogo to resume sending the Green Lantern Rings out into the Universe. Salaak arrives, intent on lending his aid, and tells Kilowog that he is not pleased by the new lethal force directive, but he is a soldier and will follow his orders.

Inside Ranx, Guy’s group finally reaches Ranx's central core. He cleaves a Yellow Lantern in half as Isamot tells Arisia to just kill the Yellow Lanterns and get it over with. Arisia refuses, saying she is no killer. Stel is having trouble keeping Ranx's link to the black hole offline and Guy orders everyone to evacuate as he prepares to disconnect Ranx from his black hole and overload him. Mogo manages to generate a force field just as Ranx detonates in a massive explosion. With Ranx destroyed, the Sinestro Corps retreats, Arkillo among them. As the Green Lanterns regroup, Arisia fears that Guy was killed, but is revealed to have managed to survive the blast. Mogo thanks his fellow Lanterns as Salaak says that with the new law, the Sinestro Corps will not dare attempt another assault on Mogo, and that they will soon target Oa.

Arriving at Earth, John notices a yellow light in the sky. Just as the Lanterns on Mogo prepare to depart, they pick up an S.O.S. that John Stewart is transmitting to all Lanterns: the Sinestro Corps is launching an invasion of Earth. In Jim’s apartment, they also see the lights. Assuming they are stars, Jane asks if she can make a wish.


At the Citadel on Oa, the Guardians of the Universe realize that the Sinestro Corps is not trying to rule the universe, but the Multiverse. Though they have authorized the Green Lantern Corps to use lethal force, they realize that this might not be enough to stop the Sinestro Corps.

The Sinestro Corps launches their attack on Earth, bringing the Yellow Battery. Sinestro leads the attack while his Lanterns secure a landing post for the Anti-Monitor. John tries to contact the Justice League, but Sinestro is overriding the communication. He also tells John that Parallax is with Hal’s family. Even though his ring is nearly depleted, John flies back to Coast City and removes Parallax right before he can harm Jim and his family, taking the entity outside of the city to a desert. Unfortunately, his ring is now completely out of power. John tries to reach Hal, but is not making any progress. Finally, Hal's hand struggles through Parallax's mouth, and John grabs hold, only for the hand to grab him, absorbing John.

Above Earth, the Green Lantern Corps arrives in response to John's request for help. As Salaak uploads coordinates into their rings, Soranik Natu arrives, hoping for a piece of Sinestro for herself. As most of the team heads to New York, Kilowog and Salaak head to San Diego. The United States Pacific Fleet stationed there has already suffered serious casualties thanks to the Sinestro Corps, but Salaak and Kilowog manage to even the odds. However, Kilowog soon has troubles of his own: Arkillo, looking to settle things between them right then and there. Arkillo declares that for all his bravery, Kilowog is still a slave to fear; specifically, his fear of what he would become if he uses his ring to kill. Kilowog explains that it is not fear, merely his disgust with all the death he has seen in his life, ranging from his fellow Lanterns to his family and whole species. Kilowog then picks up a scuttled Navy carrier and dumps it on Arkillo, knocking him out. As Salaak arrives and announces that the Yellow Lanterns are retreating and heading for New York City, Kilowog decides to end Arkillo's rampage right there, severing Arkillo's ring finger.

Inside Parallax, John is able to reach Hal. Overcoming his fear, John and Hal are able to expel Parallax. As he vows to kill them all, Ganthet and Sayd arrive and dissect Parallax's weakened spirit, locking him into the two Earth Lanterns' Power Batteries. They discuss the situation with Earth's Green Lanterns. However, they will not be assisting in the battle as they are exiles and seek to prevent the final verse from unfolding. Hal recognizes that they are talking about the Blackest Night, saying that Abin Sur mentioned it. Ganthet tells the humans what the prophecy will entail, which will see the rise of the seven Lantern Corps, each fuelled by one colour of the emotional spectrum of the universe: Rage, Greed, Fear, Will, Hope, Compassion, and Love. The seven corps will go to war with each other, and as the War of Light intensifies, it will herald the coming of the “Blackest Night”, where the universe will become a place without life. Hal asks how to stop it, but Ganthet and Sayd are unaware. However, they tell the humans that they will be waiting with a backup plan, and as they depart, they ask the Earth Lanterns to do as they have always done: follow their hearts. The two humans recite the Green Lantern Oath and charge their Power Rings, vowing to stop Sinestro and his corps.

Regrouping in New York, the Green Lantern Corps are waiting for their orders, when they suddenly find a target: the Anti-Monitor. Though Kilowog and Salaak order them to hold their positions, several of the more impetuous Lanterns go straight after the Anti-Monitor, but are hit with an energy blast. Two of them are killed, but Natu and Guy Gardner survive. Guy charges the Anti-Monitor, only to be swatted aside and crashes into several buildings. As Soranik works to revive him, a hologram of Sinestro appears, expressing his amazement that she still answered the call to duty.

Hal and John return to Jim Jordan's apartment. Accessing the television with his ring, Hal issues a request for the people of Coast City to evacuate. Jim says that running away is what he has done all his life, but it has never been what Hal has done, and he is going to stay. Susan and the kids also refuse to leave. John then informs Hal that the lights of the city have begun to turn green in a show of support. Embolden, Hal and John head to space to battle Sinestro.

In New York, The Green Lantern Corps is starting to lose ground due to the Anti-Monitor consuming positive matter from Earth. Lanterns, civilians, and Yellow Lanterns alike are caught in the waves, and the Lanterns are forced to begin retreating. Suddenly, the Guardians of the Universe attack the Anti-Monitor with full force, claiming that they are absent no longer. The Guardians are able to pierce the Anti-Monitor's armour, but they are only equal to him as a united front, and the Anti-Monitor grabs a female Guardian and seriously burns her with his touch. Arisia tries to take Guy to Soranik Natu, but Guy, wanting to go down fighting, suddenly realizes a perfect weapon to use against the Anti-Monitor: the Yellow Power Battery.

Above Coast City, Sinestro finds it ironic that Hal has accepted the devotion he once received on Korugar, noting the green lights down below. Hal counters that the difference between them is that Hal earned it, while Sinestro demanded it. At the same time, Laira demands vengeance for Ke'Haan's death, and begins cutting through the Yellow Lanterns with wild abandon. As the Green Lanterns begin using their rings to kill the Sinestro Corps members, Amon Sur becomes terrified, and flees, while Sinestro claims he has already won. John sees his smile, and Hal realizes that this is what Sinestro wanted all along: the whole point of the War was to get the Guardians to allow the Green Lanterns to use lethal force against their enemies. Sinestro confirms this, saying that despite everything that has happened, he still supports the idea of the Green Lantern Corps policing the universe, but felt that they always lacked the proper aggression to deal with chaos. Now the Green Lanterns will become feared throughout the universe, and the universe will ultimately benefit from this.

In New York, Kilowog orders the Green Lanterns to regroup. Salaak has some concerns about Guy's plan; specifically, detonating the Yellow Battery could destroy the galaxy, but the Guardians appear to approve, keeping the Anti-Monitor occupied. Guy and the Corps wrap chains around the Battery, and then hurl it right in front of the Anti-Monitor. The Green Lanterns then throw a force field to contain the explosion and the Anti-Monitor within the blast radius. The Battery then explodes and the Anti-Monitor is consumed in the explosion, with no trace of him left. Deprived of their greatest ally, the Sinestro Corps retreats.

Above Coast City, Hal and John's Rings run dry, forcing them to land. Deciding to demonstrate his superiority, he decides to discard his ring and fight the two humans on even terms. Locked in a brutal fight, Sinestro taunts Hal with what his father's final words may have been, but Hal does not care about his words: Martin Jordan's actions prove that he died without fear. John then shouts that they are not afraid of Sinestro, but he reminds them that everything that lives knows fear. Hal reminds Sinestro that the Green Lanterns are not without fear, and that they overcome it. Together, Hal and John finally subdue Sinestro after a bloody fight and place him under arrest, confiscating his ring in a force-field.

The next day, Hal and John are having lunch with Jim Jordan’s family. Hal and John discuss the lethal force law, and Hal admits that he is not totally against it, but fears what it may lead to. On the news, reports are documenting the Green Lantern Corps’ assistance in cleanup of the damage done to the various cities targeted. It is also announced that Coast City was the only targeted city that did not evacuate its populace, and the media hails Coast City as the "city without fear".

On Oa, the Guardians discuss recent events. While Sinestro and Parallax are imprisoned, they assume that the Anti-Monitor is most likely dead, while the rest of the Sinestro Corps has yet to be accounted for. The Guardians also debate on whether or not to initiate the second of the new laws.

While the Guardians speak, Salaak, on Oa, is overseeing the creation of 442 new Green Lantern Rings, directing them to Mogo, who will guide them in their search of new Green Lanterns. Seeing them leave, Salaak notes that far too many died this time. On an alien outpost, Vath Sarn is in a bar, honouring the fallen Lanterns in his own way: taking a drink to salute them. Isamot Kol returns to Thanagar and lands in the ocean, rises to the surface and cries out to the Sinestro Corps that he is still alive. On Mogo, Kilowog enjoys a meal with energy constructs of his deceased family, and they plan to go fishing the next day. Flying into Manhattan, Guy reunites with his girlfriend, giving her a kiss ala VE Day. Sinestro, in his cell, smiles.


On a beautiful paradise planet, Ganthet and Sayd know that the Guardians will be made overconfident by the victory, but they know that the Green Lanterns of Earth will do everything in their power to prevent the Blackest Night from occurring. Knowing that they must help, Ganthet and Sayd decide that they will do more than just hope: they will make hope their weapon, creating the first Blue Power Ring between their hands.



Trey Strain 09-25-2015 02:13 PM

One thing I would suggest is that if two people are wearing power rings, why would they get into a fistfight? You might want to reconsider that.

Dantius 09-25-2015 03:22 PM


Originally Posted by Foghorn Lantern (Post 909002)
One thing I would suggest is that if two people are wearing power rings, why would they get into a fistfight? You might want to reconsider that.

Hmmm. Where does that occur? I cannot find anywhere where two characters fought with fists, unless you are referring to the final fight with Sinestro at the end, in which case there is an explanation for that right before it occurs.

But please keep suggesting any additions or changes you believe would fit. There are still plenty of errors here and there, including things that should be explained further, or just explained period, and things that need to be given larger roles.

Of course, another thing I expect you may have noticed is that I removed Cyborg Superman and Superboy-Prime, since I feel that they do not really belong in a Green Lantern film, to put it briefly.

Trey Strain 09-25-2015 03:56 PM

In the first paragraph of Act 1.

Dantius 09-25-2015 04:21 PM


Originally Posted by Foghorn Lantern (Post 909009)
In the first paragraph of Act 1.

Ah, I was under the impression that there was no indication of a fistfight. Indeed, Sinestro punches Hal, but there is no mention of them fighting melee any further than that. Either way, I will clear that up.

Edit: Altered the first paragraph slightly. I hope that clears it up.

By the way, the beginning is certainly not set in stone either. I am considering starting off with a flashback, then followed by Sinestro and Hal, good friends, doing... something before going to Korugar. I considered maybe the two of them fighting Starros. For the flashback, I was considering altering Sinestro's story slightly to have Arin Sur die many years ago instead, along with mention of their daughter, giving Soranik plenty of time to grow up.

Dantius 10-01-2015 05:19 PM

Oh, something I should also mention is the actors and actresses that would take the various roles throughout the movie, and I was wondering if anyone would like to render assistance in deciding who should play who?

This is what I have so far:

Hal Jordan: Chris Pine
John Stewart: Tyrese Gibson
Guy Gardner: Jensen Ackles
Kilowog: Kevin Michael Richardson
Tomar-Re: Brandon Keener
Soranik Natu:
GL Ring: Peter Dinklage
Arisia: Hayden Panettiere
Salaak: Nolan North
Isamot Kol: Steven Blum
Vath Sarn: Patrick Warburton
Stel: Tom Kenny
Mogo Peter Cullen
Sinestro: Mark Strong
Arkillo: Daniel Riordan
Anti-Monitor: Colin McFarlane
Parallax: Benedict Cumberbatch
Lyssa Drak:
Sinestro Ring: Christopher Corey Smith
Ganthet: Patrick Stewart
Sayd: Judi Dench
Appa: Ben Kingsley
Scar: Maggie Smith
Jim Jordan Ryan Reynolds
Arin Sur

Edit: Revised
Edit 2: Revised again

Some of these I got from Stanley Woo's list on the BioWare forums here:

Dantius 10-25-2015 04:16 PM

Update: Added in the flashback at the beginning, tidied things up a bit more, fixed a few errors and added a few smaller things here and there, including replacing a few more roles.

I have also been considering replacing the other "Lost Lantern" characters (except for Boodikka, Laira ahd Hannu) with other Lanterns who died in the comics, such as Ch'p.

Guy still needs his introduction and I still need to decide on what happens just before the Yellow Ring invades.

Dantius 06-17-2016 04:56 PM

Significant updates made, polishing it up nicely.

My current major issues are with whether or not I should keep the Anti-Monitor, as I would have had him only in a Justice League film, hence why I removed his after-credits scene.

I also really want to give John and Guy a little more development.


By the way, this would be Guy's first appearance in these movies (save for a cameo in the first). In this universe, the existence of Ion is discovered in the first movie and is revealed to be the heart of the Central Battery. John would first have been seen in my first Justice League film, which takes place between The Green Lantern (the first film which I am still working on) and this film.

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