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Agent Purple 06-09-2016 11:56 PM

Green Arrow's attacking a TMNT con's Casey Jones fans?

What an asshole.

Hypo 06-10-2016 12:00 AM

They deserve it

Marvelous Iggy 06-10-2016 12:53 AM


Originally Posted by Hypo (Post 928119)
Green Arrow #1 Teaser by Otto Schmidt

not a fan of this art, won't read Green Arrow due to this.

Booster Beetle 06-10-2016 01:38 AM


Originally Posted by Agent Purple (Post 928256)
Green Arrow's attacking a TMNT con's Casey Jones fans?

What an asshole.


Originally Posted by Hypo (Post 928257)
They deserve it


KilowogsDisciple 06-10-2016 11:27 AM


Originally Posted by Booster Beetle (Post 928266)

He might have been joking (forgive me for any presumption, please).

Hypo 06-10-2016 11:41 PM

Justice League: Rebirth #1 Variant by Joe Madureira

Agent Purple 06-11-2016 12:23 AM

Not as ugly as his Ultimates 3 run, so I suppose that's a huge step forward.

KilowogsDisciple 06-11-2016 12:46 AM

Really like the JL.

Hypo 06-11-2016 04:27 PM

KilowogsDisciple 06-11-2016 04:32 PM

That's so cryptic to me...all I really got from that is the (good) news that he's staying with DC. Maybe he has an independent thing lined up or something. I'd commission him in a heartbeat, love his art.

Hypo 06-11-2016 04:34 PM

He already said his next book will be with Johns so Johns presumably won't be back writing comics for a while.

Ωmega Man 06-12-2016 12:20 PM

Praying its JSA or Legion related.


KilowogsDisciple 06-12-2016 12:48 PM


Originally Posted by -M- (Post 928430)
Praying its JSA or Legion related.



W.West 06-12-2016 02:57 PM

Whatever terrible idea Geoff has for a Watchmen event.

Big Daddy Dave Skywalker 06-12-2016 05:32 PM


Originally Posted by W.West (Post 928444)
Whatever terrible idea Geoff has for a Watchmen event.

Probably this.

Hypo 06-13-2016 11:48 PM

Titans: Rebirth #1 Preview
Writer: Dan Abnett
Artist: Brett Booth

EmeraldGladiator 06-14-2016 02:27 PM


Originally Posted by W.West (Post 928444)
Whatever terrible idea Geoff has for a Watchmen event.

I know Geoff has some pull but this is getting ridiculous. DC doesn't have many A-List artist on the roster but it looks like Geoff gets dibs on most of the A-list talent for his projects. Which is ok if Geoff is writing your tent pole books but now Geoff has to put writing aside and prioritize other job functions. Yet the dibs rule still appears in affect. Gary Frank sits around until Geoff gets around to doing another Batman Earth one, Fabok is on the bench until Geoff has time for his next crossover event. Reis hides out until this Aquaman/JLA arc comes out. I would think DC would be better served with having Frank, Reis and Fabok out there helping sell books instead of saving them for big events. That's how you end up with Tan on GL for an extended run, he is about the best you have available because all of the studs are not being used. I am happy about Superwoman for if no other reason Jiminez is on the DC roster and wasn't being used at all. Imagine Phil drawing the Parallax issues, it wouldn't have made the story telling any better but I would have enjoyed it more.

Hypo 06-15-2016 12:23 AM

Green Arrow #1 Preview
Writer: Benjamin Percy
Artist: Otto Schmidt

Ωmega Man 06-15-2016 02:14 AM

I'm pumped for TITANS.


Agent Purple 06-15-2016 02:15 AM

You'd be more pumped if Hans and Franz were the writers and artists.

Darth_Primus 06-15-2016 02:32 PM

"Chosen" 06-15-2016 06:03 PM

I don't know what's gotten into Ben Percy, but Green Arrow is my book of the week!

Big Daddy Dave Skywalker 06-15-2016 11:00 PM

I flipped through GA #1 on the stand today and was pleasantly amused to see that Oliver Queen actually resembles Oliver Queen in the comics again.

Hypo 06-15-2016 11:38 PM


BURBANK, CA Ė DCís REBIRTH line-wide relaunch continues to be a huge hit with fans, as more issues from the June title lineup head into their second printings. In addition to TITANS: REBIRTH #1, written by Dan Abnett with art by Brett Booth, Norm Rapmund and Andrew Dalhouse, the following new issue #1ís will also be going back to print: SUPERMAN #1 (Peter J. Tomasi, Pat Gleason, Mick Gray, John Kalisz), BATMAN #1 (Tom King, David Finch, Matt Banning, Jordie Bellaire), GREEN LANTERNS #1 (Sam Humphries, Robson Rocha, Jay Leisten, Blond) and GREEN ARROW #1 (Benjamin Percy, Otto Schmidt).

Spinning out of Geoff Johnsí DC UNIVERSE: REBIRTH #1, these titles continue this new universe of storytelling featuring the most iconic characters in comics and the best writers and artists in the business. More titles are scheduled to debut now through October, with many of them appearing on shelves twice monthly, so fans will continue to get more of the excitement and action thatís made DC a fan-favorite for more than 80 years.

Each second printing will feature the comicís original cover art but will replace the blue curtain image with recolored REBIRTH banners at the top. These issues will arrive in comic retail stores July 13 at the original $2.99 cover price.

Hypo 06-16-2016 11:40 PM

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