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Kane2814 08-23-2016 02:07 AM

The solits for "HJ&GLC" has some fairly big spoilers for how the war against the Sinestro Corps ends. So.... *don't read it!!*

Just sayin....:)

Locomoco808 08-28-2016 08:12 PM

I SO did read it. We should have like a spoiler-speculation thread. LOL.

Kane2814 09-03-2016 04:48 AM

Yeah ... The solits mention how

Hal disappears into "beyond" or somesuch. I'm guessing that his victory over Sinestro comes at the cost of Hal finally losing himself over to the Green and becoming a being of pure will. Maybe he'll dive into the Fear Engine the way he first dove into the Central Power Battery back in the day. Something poetic about the symmetry in that...

Ωmega Man 09-04-2016 08:28 AM

All green Hal FTW. Or should we call him Ion?


Big Daddy Dave Skywalker 09-04-2016 05:13 PM

Ugh. Please god, no.

Kane2814 09-04-2016 10:52 PM

Maybe this will be Hal's new look:

Locomoco808 09-04-2016 11:32 PM


Originally Posted by -M- (Post 933180)
All green Hal FTW. Or should we call him Ion?


I think you hit the nail on the head.

In the current DC post-Geoff Johns universe, we see how the emotional spectrum is "renewed". "Entities" that embody a particular point of the spectrum are basically created that eventually return to the reservoir beyond the Source Wall.

So the refill already happened before the GL/Godhead series. Which means those entities are gone and they have to be replaced.

It would be hilarious if Larfleeze gets sucked into the vacuum created by the loss of the Avarice entity, Ophidian and be came its replacement. Sort of the ultimate fate for the ultimate selfish bastard.

Big Daddy Dave Skywalker 09-05-2016 12:23 AM


Originally Posted by Kane2814 (Post 933191)

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