I can't remember (and no it's not because I'm 62) but it is because it was so long ago, when I met the Green Lantern. In those long ago days, comic books were sold on Woolworth's Dimestore Counters, on Supermarket bookracks, & even in Drugstores. Everywhere you went you could find Superman, Batman, and all the Super Hero's fighting for Truth, Justice, and the American Way!

It seems like I always could say the GL OATH from memory and I guess what impressed me most about Hal Jordan was that he was just the average joe, that was given a ring, that made him special.

In reading over some of the comics from the late 50's and early 60's, Hal has changed as much as the world we live in has changed. The world seemed a smaller place then, No computers; No cable TV; No cell phones nor iPods; and kids really played outside together and not on a game system in front of a flat screen TV after school was out.

Hal and the other GL's seem now to fight evil anywhere but in sector 2814. I guess I'm happy to know that earth sector 2814 has no problems anymore and that the GLC has moved on to bigger things. Good luck, GLC in your future battles and yes, I'll still be a faithful reader, no matter what sectors are in the fray!