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Default My Entry: Zrax-K 54

OK, I'll go first.

Name: Zrax-K 54

Age: 29 Earth years

Height: 6' 2''

Weight: 245 lbs.

Sex: Male

Date of Birth: May 13th, 1979 (In Earth time)

Home Planet: The Planet Garnet- a.k.a. "Hellhole"

Fighting Skills/Training: Trained in basic hand-to-hand combat, submission techniques, and some guerilla warfare. Extensive knowledge of blades, firearms, and explosive devices. Class- 5 space pilot. Level 4 intellect without robotic upgrades, level 9 intellect with robotic upgrades. Enhanced agility, reflexes, strength, and endurance. Knowledge of simple and complex military strategies.

Ability to Use Ring: Zrax has shown an above average ability to use ring. His ring ability is ranked in with some of the best the Green Lantern Corps has to offer. Though bordering between average and above average ability, he falls in with those the Corps deems the best. This has given him a great oppurtunity to do good for Garnet, thus garnering the Guardians' attention, as with all the rest of the Lanterns who are ranked the best in the Corps.

Sector Partner: Lantern Larvox

Space Sector: Space Sector 0017.00, but only watches over the planet Garnet.

Bio: For every good Green Lantern, there is always a troublemaker. Some of these include Guy Gardener and Umitu. But, probably the most famous was Jack T. Chance. However, Jack was killed in the Sinestro Corps War and his ring destroyed. The Guardians, not wanting to lose the progress Jack made on Garnet, created a new ring and sent it out to find a replacement to take up Jack's post. This replacement was Zrax-K, a former resident of Garnet, and the product of war.
Zrax was destined for greatness. His father, Xurc, was a highly respected military general on Garnet, for what little respected members there were of the community there were. His father was diployed and, in the midst of war, he met Zrax's mother, Lyrae, another highly-ranked military official from the other side of the war. They fell in love with each other and, eventually, and had a child, Zrax-K. But, this was during the time of war. If Zrax or any other sign of their secret life was found out, all three of them would be persecuted for treason against their homeworld. So, they all three fled to Garnet to hide. They lived in the slums, giving up their lives of influence to avoid detection by either military. However, one day, Zrax's mother was brutally murdered for the equivalent of three Earth dollars. His father plunged into a downward spiral at the news of his wife's passing. He became a depressive drunk and did nothing all day except drink and sleep. Finally, Zrax had had enough. Of both his father, a once great military hero now worthless, and of Garnet, a planet rotting like an apple core. Once he came of age, Zrax left the planet quickly and without hesitation to join the same military his mother had been a part of, possibly to escape any chance of being associated with Garnet, a planet he had come to be ashamed of. Almost as soon as he joined the military, he was shipped out to war. While at war, Zrax came across a group of radicals from opposing side of the war. Zrax was brutally beaten and almost, literally, torn apart in the skirmish. He blacked out, and didn't wake up until he was in a hospital bed. His superiors came to him and offered him a chance to save his life and keep serving the planet. Zrax accepted the deal, and was put into the Cyber-Trooper Program, a process which replaces lost limbs with new robotic ones, and also mental upgrades for higher intellect and better strategic thinking. He was the 54th successful soldier, and dubbed Zrax-K 54 by his superiors. However, this skill and knowledge came at a price. He could no longer feel or control himself. He was erased of all emotion and remotely controlled by his superiors. He was put into battle almost straight away and was successfully pushing the enemy lines back. Until, one day, knowing that they were the key to winning the war, the other side ambushed the entire Cyber-Trooper platoon. All the Cyber-Troopers had to be pulled in for repairs. This is where Zrax recognized the 1st successful Cyber-Trooper model- his mother. Her murder a set-up by the planet's military, he realized that she was the guinea pig for the Cyber-Trooper program. At her sight, Zrax, nearly shocked to his senses and through his sheer force of will, powered through his programming and regained control of himself. He then proceeded to free all the other Cyber-Troopers of their programming as well, not knowing how many more were unwillingly enslaved. He saved all of the others, except his mother. A general anticipated what he was going to do once he was set free. So, he activated the self-destruct sequence of Zrax's mother, and nobody else's, hoping that this would break Zrax's spirit and let the military regain control. Instead, Zrax, vengeful and furious, cracked the general's neck. Now, with nothing left for him in the military or Garnet, and being a fugitive and outcast, he left for space.
Zrax, now being able to utilize his enhancements as he wanted, and with his military training, he took up being a mercenary, killing only those he found guilty, abandoning missions if he felt otherwise. He traveled with several groups, making friends with some of the other mercenaries. However, he also had a very successful solo career. He even, for a time, rivaled Lobo in skill and in kills collected. However, if you wanted a precision kill with no loose ends, and not a smash-up job like Lobo, who was often sloppy, Zrax was the mercenary to hire. Eventually, during the war between the Green Lantern Corps and the Sinestro Corps, he heard that Garnet's greatest, and probably only, hero, the Lantern known as Jack T. Chance, had been killed by the Sinestro Corps. Zrax, now wanting retribution for his planet's only hero's death, he put a hold on all his kills and took up "Sin-Sniping", something many of the Mercs called it. He would travel and take down Sinestro Corps members one by one, as many as he could. Finally, once the war was over, he took up being a mercenary again. However, this did not last long. He was offered a ring, completely new, and Jack's old post watching over Garnet. Finally seeing his chance to make a difference on Garnet, he gladly accepted the ring. He now resumes Jack's old post, protecting only the planet of Garnet instead of his sector, unless it was COMPLETELY necessary to leave. He has now given up being a mercenary, but maintains his love and skill with weapons and strategy. He has currently taken up learning how to use throwing knives, the only other weapon he uses now besides his ring.

Zrax-K as a Mercenary:

Zrax-K as a Green Lantern:

Well, there's mine. Cards on the table. Hope you all like it.

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