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Thumbs up Preventing Action Figure Suicide.

Preventing Action Figure Suicide.
First of all I am not a grammar nazi and I will most likely have some grammatical errors in some of most posts...

Action Figure suicide(figures falling either over on it's own or with third party assistance) is perhaps one of the most frustrating things about collection figures and displaying them on shelves. as most of you know by now it is hard to keep figures from taking dives or being knocked over by the vibration of someone walking or worse the clumsy guest who bumps the shelf. unfortunately some suicides are unavoidable.

Here is how I have combat this issue.

I personally do not use figure bases as in some cases they take up valuable space that another figure could occupy.

After months of frustration I started using a product called Handitak which I found for found for a dollar at big lots.

I found Handitak was indeed Handy for keeping figure in place as it will both adhere to the figure and the surface you want to stick it to. Handitak is completely removable and reusable.

there were two drawbacks to handitak, one was that in some cases I needed to use a lot of it to keep the figure standing, sometimes making the figures feet look like it was standing in yellow mud. the other drawback was that in order to get the figure to stay in place, over time you need to take remvoe the handitak and Knead it and replace it on the figure..

even in some cases I found Handitak was not doing the job and was not strong enough to keep some figures in place (for example the last two star sapphire figures, indigo 1, Saint walker, and Black lantern earth 1 superman).

just as I was ready to give up the fight I remembered a post from another member here in a thread about this very subject. ( If you read this and can prove you are the one that posted it I will give you full credit here) this poster recommended a different product Loctite Fun tak

I started testing this on my aforementioned chronic offenders and found it was stickier and I could use less to achieve the same result. I have since been switching my figures to loctite and the results are amazing. over the last month on the figures I have switched I have only had one suicide and that was due to my own placement of the fun tak.

so I now wholeheartedly recommend Loctite Fun tak to any collector having this issue.

in the provided link you can enter your zip code to find the nearest place that stocks this wonderful product(sorry those of you outside of the us)
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