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Default Securing DCD Power Battery Handles

Securing DCD Power Battery Handles

This is something that used to go hand and hand with Action figure suicide for me. that is until I saw a post by a member here ( if you were that member i will credit you here after a PM)

While the DCD Power batteries are great they have one flaw, the handle can be lost rather easily. in my early days of collection one or more lantern figures would take a dive from my shelf and I would almost always have to look for either the battery or the handle itself.

The member post I saw recommended putting adhesive putty (either handi tak or Loctite fun tak will do the trick)

1. getting started.

2. A small amount of adhesive will work here.

3. Roll the adhesive into a line.

4. insert adhesive into the side of Handle hole on the battery

5. Tear off the unneeded extra amount. both sides should look like this

6. Insert Handle and squeeze both ends together until excess adhesive comes out.

7. then use your larger amount of adhesive to pull off the excess.

8. The Final result

the Handle will still be able to turn but not as freely as before. however you should no longer have the Handle separation in the event of a untimely shelf dive by a battery holding figure.

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