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Originally Posted by Andrew NDB View Post
He's basically cardboard, created in an era of cardboard superheroes. All the "he's a ladies' man" and "ice cool fighter jock" is largely tacked on. Personally, I'd love to start him out as that (i.e., cardboard and vanilla) but kind of break him... a find a way to tear him down and build him back up as something more nuanced. Flawed, even.

That's why I kind of always liked the Parallax turn. Finally, he was interesting. I mean, go ahead and pick any Green Lantern story pre-Emerald Twilight. Pick the greatest stories. Were any of those great specifically because of Hal, or just because they were great stories by creative writers?
I feel cardboard is a bit harsh. But what you are saying has merit. I think the joy of Hal is the simplicity. Not every thing has to be heavy or world changing. It's an escapist book. I feel it's like Star Wars. In has to pure of a form. Every thing that gets tacked on to it stands out so much that it makes it less enjoyable.

Those deeper stories need to be told. Yet I feel like the less you do it the more impact it has. the more you see him in his element the more gravity it has when he is out of it and the more memorable that story becomes.

For instance Dead Lantern power rings raining on Oa has zero meaning now because that image has happened too many times.
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