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Originally Posted by Andrew NDB View Post
He's basically cardboard, created in an era of cardboard superheroes. All the "he's a ladies' man" and "ice cool fighter jock" is largely tacked on. Personally, I'd love to start him out as that (i.e., cardboard and vanilla) but kind of break him... a find a way to tear him down and build him back up as something more nuanced. Flawed, even.

That's why I kind of always liked the Parallax turn. Finally, he was interesting. I mean, go ahead and pick any Green Lantern story pre-Emerald Twilight. Pick the greatest stories. Were any of those great specifically because of Hal, or just because they were great stories by creative writers?
Hal is a star only because DC insists that he is. There's nothing about the way he's been depicted that's interesting.

Yeah, I've heard all about how Hal recklessly tackles a problem without any planning and how cool that supposedly is. But it wasn't interesting the first time Geoff Johns wrote him that way, and it was much less interesting the twentieth time Johns wrote it.

By the time Gerard Jones wrote Green Lantern, Guy had become a better character than Hal. And this is another reason to reboot GL. You could lose the Giffen version of Guy and all the baggage it carries. Just to make the point unmistakable, Guy needs to clean Batman's clock.

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