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Originally Posted by Parrylakks View Post
In regards to Zorro, if they establish her as the child of a previously established Zorro (Don Diego de la Vega, or Alejandro Murrieta, for example) then I'll have nothing but excited support for the show. I quite enjoyed La Femme Musketeer, which followed D'Artagnan's daughter, so a similar take on Zorro would be welcome. If they just tell Diego's story while changing him to a girl, or something like that, though, I'll take a hard pass.
^^^ = THIS. I don't have a prob w/females as a lead in anything, but I'm pretty much against g-swapping as a whole (and that does go for it moving in the other direction, too.)


Originally Posted by Andrew NDB View Post
Geoff Johns should have a 10 mile restraining order from comic books, let alone films.
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