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"Make Hal interesting again." Okay, every time Superman or some other major superhero goes into space, have Hal there asking "why?". Make the GLC "space cops" again. Not overwhelmingly cosmic like the "first run" of The Green Lantern, but everyday cops. Cops on the beat. Fixing broken spaceships going through their sector. Stopping bad guys going through their sector. Etc.

John Stewart needs to stay JLA's Green Lantern, unless there's a crossover that puts him elsewhere.

Guy Gardner needs to be the Guardian's "bad cop" enforcement arm. Showing the dark underbelly of the Corps. (Not the Corpse.) We need to end the "Batman vs Guy" punching sessions. Just have Batman punch Guy but not knock him out, Guy just takes it and laughs.

Kyle Rayner needs to be the Torchbearer again. If you're sending in Guy as the "bad cop", then Kyle is the "good cop". Never, ever use Kyle's alter ego "Oblivion" again. No more messing with GL's heads like Guy changing personalities in JLI.

Simon Baz? Ugh. Make him a "cameo" in other comics.

Jessica Cruz? Double-ugh. Keep her in the animated series if you must. Once JLA: Oddessy ends, have her disintegrate from Darkseid's energy.

Make the stories about the rings again. Bring back the Color Corps, but don't show them other than cameos in the main comics. You can keep making humans into Color Corps members, but don't make them like Guy with a mullet in charge of the Red Lanterns (although Supergirl with the RLs was a great arc). The strength of the GLC was its' diversity, return to those kinds of stories. You don't have to have a human GL in every GL story. But the story should be about how a GL wins the day.

And don't make the Guardians evil again. That's been done a dozen times already. Slowly make Ganthet, Sayd, and the Templar Guardians able to use other colors, not just the Green Corps.

Finish the Phantom Ring story by finding Hank Henshaw and taking the ring and giving it to Kyle Rayner. Kyle can become the White Lantern on demand then.

Find the Reach and take back the Central Blue Lantern Power Battery. Make that story a Color Corps story.

Never, ever mention the Ultraviolet Light again. Put Sinestro eventually back in charge of his Corps.

And yes, I saw the Sinestro Corps member in Legion of Superheroes #1 this November 2019 month. Make that a story about using fear, not killing everyone in sight.
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