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Originally Posted by Andrew NDB View Post
I kind of wish they'd done a proper JLI book with Guy and Ice and all. I know they did the New52 one but that was bad.
That brings up another point; since 2016, there hasn't been a single, successful marriage other than Clark Kent and Lois Lane. Even they are from an alternative universe, according to the script!

We were shown Hal and Carol, John and Fatality retiring together, as married couples. Instead, everything was blown apart in 2017. Jade was written out of continuity with Alan Scott and Earth-2. Soranik Natu and Kyle's relationship was dissolved, violently, with their "future son" arc. Don't get me started with Wally West and Iris.

So in addition to good GL stories, we need some normal relationships, and yes, marriage stories without blockbuster enemies coming out of the woodwork for the marriage/honeymoon issue.
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