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I believe Hal will wear a Sinestro Corps Ring and fight Nekron as a Yellow Lantern

Sinestro will sacrifice himself and Hal's GL ring becomes powerless and he uses Sinestro's ring to fight.

The Starheart is connected to the Red Lanterns.

Hal gets one of the entities.

Kyle gets the Blue Lantern or Indigo Entity.

John Stewart dies.

Mogo vs. Xanshi (Battle of the Millenia there)

Hal, Barry, Bart, Clark, Conner, Ollie, Diana, and Tora have some sort of special power to them to help beat Nekron and the Black Lanterns.

Wonder Woman becomes a Black Lantern.

Black Hand will revive Bruce's skull to find out that it isn't Batman and that it is someone else's skeleton.

Larfleeze will merge with the Orange Entity to become more powerful to defeat the Black Lanterns.

The Indigo Tribe will be able to revive some of the Black Lanterns.

The Starheart in Jade will revive her and break her free from the Black Lantern Ring.

The Chief from Doom Patrol will die.

Hal will save the day.

Don Hall and Dawn Granger have some connection to the White Light and will use that connection to some how make a White Ring that Hal or someone will get to defeat Nekron.

Ganthet and Sayd vs. Scar

Hal will attack the Guardians

Cyborg-Superman and the Manhunters will help fight against the Black Lanterns.

People who have died by Black Lanterns will be able to come back maybe not all but some, especially Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Hawk, and Garth (Tempest).

Aquaman, Martian Manhunter and Firestorm will come back to life and maybe Ralph and Sue and completely lose the emotional impact of Identity Crisis.

Teen Titans will die.

Hal will kick ass.

Alan Scott might become the White Lantern, or if one of the GL's dies become a Green Lantern of the Corps.
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