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To me it is more of an irrelevant # than anything else. Why not have 4 Lanterns per sector, or 10? If they REALLY wanted order, why not a Lantern from each planet? Or 2?

I understand the need for a large # of Lanterns from an "in comic" perspective, because that is the goal of the Guardians. But from a "looking in" perspective, the one we have as readers, I think more interesting stories could be told with fewer Lanterns. It would make the ones that are there seem that much more vital to the Universe, not as "cannon fodder in the next big war".

On that note, I'd actually like to see less wars amongst the Corps and more amongst alien planets. Like the Bounty Hunter Vs. Mercenaries arc or your latest one in the Masters. To me that is much more compelling than "Green Vs. Yellow, Blue Vs. Orange" etc. etc. There is no diplomacy in Corps Vs. Corps wars, it's just war. In ones where GLs would have to play peace keepers or defenders, I think there is more room for creativity.
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