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Originally Posted by Vaegrin View Post
Costumes are a superficial element of a comic book . . . but come on. So is the art. The pretty (and superficial) pictures are a major part of why we read comic books and watch movies with big budget special effects. If you want fiction that doesn't focus on such "superficial" elements, read a novel. I suggest The Lies of Locke Lamora, by Scott Lynch. Its characters are great, and it doesn't even have a love story in it!
That's a fair point... but developing an emotional attachment to the clothes the characters wear is taking it an extra level. Superman and Batman have had thousands of tweaks, changes and alterations over the years but we all know who they are and what we think they stand for.

A non-fiction example... I'm a huge Los Angeles Kings fan. They're getting new uniforms next season and while I'm not personally thrilled with them I understand that it's not really going to change how I root for the team.

And as for love interests . . . you're not really suggesting that relationships are a superficial element of comics, are you? Human relationships, including romantic ones, are part of what makes fictional characters relatable. Love interests are a nonessential but compelling means of character development. Which is why almost love interests are a central part of almost every major superhero's story and virtually every successful superhero movie.
I was referring only to the costumes and accessories. "Love" interests CAN be superficial in any given story but no I'm not suggesting that comic book characters should never be in relationships. I was talking about their threads.

Given the state of Green Lantern comic books the last two or three years, I would expect you to be interested in more of a focus on relationships, not less.
Well it would depend on how it was written but again... not talking about relationships. Just the clothes.
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