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Originally Posted by Vaegrin View Post
I can't disagree with that. Which is why I am driven utterly crazy by the "Wonder Woman Must Wear Star Spangled Panties" crowd. I won't begrudge anyone for preferring one costume over the other, missing an old costume, wanting a new costume, or anything else on those lines. But it can certainly be taken too far. And comic book fans can be known to take just about anything too far.
It's a fascinating line DC and Marvel walk. They clearly cater to a certain subset of emotionally fragile fans who will always always always want it to be "just the way they like it" and yet you can't just keep telling the same stories month after month.

I'd love to see a serious cross section of "Mainstream comicbook fans" studied and interviewed to find out just how prevalent certain attitudes and preferences are.

Ah, okay. I should have assumed so. My apologies.
No worries... I make assumptions about what people are saying and then write eight paragraph profanity laced tirades against it all the time.

Hell I did it yesterday.
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