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Hal attends a football game with Yellow Ring wearing Guy Gardner and then has to work both against and then with Adam Strange in this week's

First off Hal tells Pie (That's right we're well into the 90's and Hal still calls Tom Pieface) that Carol wants to get married and have kids. (Not out of love but for the Biological Clock) Hal and Tom head off to the Game and find themselves sitting next to Guy Gardner and his date a Blond runway model named Lacey Lovitz
"I never saw her on your runway Hal"
"Very funny Pie"
the problem is an old demon enemy of Guy's is trying to break into our dimension through the game and succeeds but Guy and Hal are able to save the day.
After that Hal Appears in Rann apparently out to steal Adam Strange's baby daughter. His mind under control by a group called the Lenglyns who operate on Qward.

After Strange snaps Hal out of the Mind Control Hal fills him in on the past events that led up to the current point. including the apparent return of Barry Allen (This actually being Reverse Flash Eobard Thawne see the Return of Barry Allen in Flash #'s 74-79)

Hal and Adam travel to Qward and find the main city in chaos as the weaponers battle among themselves. It's when Hal grabs one and questions him that we learn olivia Reynolds (any relation to Ryan? :P)

I have to be honest. This is where i was beginning to fade on GL (Current events on Flash were keeping me glued to that title) It's not that the art or writing were bad but I just couldn't keep track of what was what and I was losing interest fast.
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