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It goes like this:

JLA #1-4 has him with powers and long hair.
Final Night #1-4 has him losing his powers, but still with long hair.
GL #81 should have him without powers, but still with long hair.
The Wedding Album has him still without powers and cutting his hair.
He then goes on his honeymoon, without powers, with short hair.
He then gets his powers back by flying to the sun.
This changes his DNA. Travelling to Kandor messes up with his DNA even further, turning him into a being made up of living energy. He then gets the new costume in Superman #123.
JLA Secret Files & Origins #1 has him with new powers and new costume, getting tested by the JLA. He remains in the JLA.
JLA #5 has him with new powers and the new costume as an undisputed member of the JLA.

And yes, I know 18 year old storylines and how they relate to each other by heart. Why do you ask?
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