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The only time I watched porn in the 80's was when someone (who will remain nameless) swiped VHS tapes from a family member's stash and brought them over, although I do remember the pixelated, late night screens filled with the harmonic sounds of female moaning and bad music.

I never really watched porn until I turned 18, and was allowed to peek behind the red curtain at the local video store. It was like a new world had opened up, kind of like when Dorothy stepped out of the house and into the land of Oz for the first time. There were organized tape cases with female body parts displayed and exposed like I've never seen before. In addition, there were two televisions with a cacophony of sounds; moaning, gasping and horrible, "boom-chika-wow-wow" music filled the little room. One of the first tapes I picked up was "Deep Throat." And the rest is history.
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