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I just watched it agin last night and I still really enjoyed it. Of course it has it's flaws but unlike previous DC movies featuring their "Big Guns" (Batman and Robin, Superman Returns, Dark Knight Rises) I can re-watch GL any time and not feel disappointed.
I think the biggest mistake was that they made Parallax the Big Bad Villain of the movie.
when I finished watching last night I thought....How hard can Sinestro be to defeat just having a Fear based power Ring when Hal already defeated Hector Hammond and Parallax within the span of a few minutes.
I think Hector Hammond should have been the Movies sole Villain. he would still be infected Influenced and mutated by what killed Abin Sur but Abin Sur's killer and the "Influence" would be undefined. we'd still hear Clancy Brown's voice affecting Hammond (telling him to kill Hal etc.) but we wouldn't know it was Parallax. Of course Hector's Power level would have to be increased several times (particularly his telepathic powers) Make the final fight between Hal and Hector be a Mental Power vs Will Power struggle.
The Overcoming fear aspect of course would have a mention here and there but it would be a great deal more philosophical. Hal could quote, "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself" and have Sinestro basically say "You only say that because you have never seen the TRUE face of Fear!" Parallax wouldn't be mentioned by name but the serious fans would get the reference, while the Casual fans would gain interest in seeing how the story unfolds.
Have Each movie build up the threats.
The Weaponers
The Manhunters
Sinestro (That Might be a two parter....Part One showing Sinestro's fall from grace and part II showing his return as The wearer of the Yellow Ring)
Parallax and Finally
The Anti-Monitor which would also have Clancy Brown's voice and would be revealed to be the orchestrator of everything that had been going on all along.
Green Lantern Unlimited!
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