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Originally Posted by Big Daddy Dave Targaryen I View Post
I would prefer Hal in his thirties and John in his late 20s.
+1. The treatment of Hank Pym and the Wasp in the Marvel cinematic universe pretty much damned them from ever being relevant in the comics again. Hal needs to be late 20's to mid-30's tops in a new film.

Pym was turned into Ultron lite and became a villain in the comics before being seemingly killed. Wasp has been dead awhile and was recently replaced... then for no reason at all came back to life. And I think Lang's daughter switched up from Stature to basically a new version of Stinger from MC2 as well.

If they made Hal an even older guy in the comics to push the other GL's in the front it would hurt the group as a whole. He's already the big gun, doesn't need to be significantly older.

Making him older to push John or another GL might work for a single film, but it wouldn't be a franchise builder like sticking to the source material would offer. Hal can still be older, he just doesn't need to be that old when they introduce John. And he doesn't need to be a senior citizen when other Earth GL's show up like Kyle, Guy, and God forbid Baz and Cruz.

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