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I just never think of Hal as a 40 something. I always like to think of him in his prime, late 20s early 30s. Now, an older actor may PLAY Hal, we just had a 30 year old playing the last teenage Spidey, and leading men hit their prime in their 40s in Hollywood. But the character himself shouldn't be older. Guy should be the same age as Hal, and John and Kyle should be in their late to mid 20s respectively.

I am totally sold on a buddy cop movie for GLC. I just hope WB doesn't go the older veteran route for either/both Hal and John. I want to feel like these guys have some vitality to them, and the actors playing them be young enough to do so for a few movies if they do well. I'd rather avoid a Roger Moore scenario where they were borderline age wise right out of the gate.
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