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I don't think Geoff's ego had anything to do with it. The diversity imperative has trumped good business sense at DC and Marvel (especially the latter) and DC has had an inordinate confidence in Geoff's creative decisions where Green Lantern is concerned. Hence, the Green Lanterns comic that nobody but DC's management wanted is gracing the comics shops.

DC and Marvel need to face the fact that print comics are in the phase of their life cycle where they're managing decline. There are not any hordes of minority members who will run to stores to buy titles with members of their groups cast as the stars, and furthermore, by replacing the established characters with minority members, and by reducing the camera time of the established stars in favor of minority versions, they're chasing away their existing customers.

If anyone in DC's management reads this, I'm telling that you're doing exactly the wrong thing. You're running off your dwindling herd of horses so you can hunt bright shiny unicorns that aren't out there, and your virtue signaling isn't impressing anyone.

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