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In before Zod beat everyone and Hal comes to save the day, lets just remember that Stewart and Rayner are the ones who actually know how to handle Kryptonians

Kyle has made Ultraman his bitch in more than one occasion and John did take out Supes that one time in rebirth. I think there are more examples but would have to double check on that later

Anoher thing, shouldt there be a monument or something to bugallax since it saved the Earth from the Final Night?

That yellow bug is a HERO the sun couldt have be reignited if it wasnt for bugallax

Originally Posted by Star-Lantern View Post
like much of Johns' absolving of Hal Jordan does (oh he was possessed, oh that Arisia thing, well, she was actually 200-something years old) because working from the previously established canon instead of making retcons would make it seem much more organic.
Right. According to Johns Hal never did anything wrong in his life and everyone else is WEAK for being possesed by bugallax. The only bad thing Hal as ever done is havig daddy issues or something like that and..oh yea NO FEAR!

The thing that bothers me is that I actually like Hal or so I thought. Yes I was hyped for the return of Hal back in 2004 if only I knew this is how Geoff Johns would slowly kill the franchise...

An alternative I think Hal needs to join or create another Corps and replace Sinestro (no one want him anymore) as the parallax point of view, since that was the whole point of the name he picked in the first place. “Parallax View” to see things from another perspective opposite to the Guardians or John Stewart Corps in this case while none beign evil, the dynamic this could bring would be most interesting.
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