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Originally Posted by Noct View Post
Right. According to Johns Hal never did anything wrong in his life and everyone else is WEAK for being possesed by bugallax. The only bad thing Hal as ever done is havig daddy issues or something like that and..oh yea NO FEAR!

The thing that bothers me is that I actually like Hal or so I thought. Yes I was hyped for the return of Hal back in 2004 if only I knew this is how Geoff Johns would slowly kill the franchise...
Believe it or not, I actually liked Hal Jordan, too. Mainly from the Gerard Jones comics and the 1980s Steve Englehart comics. Geoff Johns soured me on that character due to the fanboyish writing, his general annoying characterization (tries to be Han Solo or something, but just comes off as a jerk and dummy to me whereas Han has something Hal Jordan lacks and can believably pull it off... more annoying still is this jerk and dummy somehow makes everything work for him because NO FEAR! ["I don't know how"], which often caused me to root against him), and the constant not so subtle reminders that Hal Jordan is top dog and all the other human Lanterns are subservient to him. And that's the version that has more or less been Hal Jordan since. It also didn't help that I generally did not like Geoff Johns' Green Lantern concepts or stories.

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