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Originally Posted by GaMeBoY439 View Post
Awesome, that definitely helps a lot, thanks! That's basically what my main goal is at this point (to catch up with Vol. 4 and then move onto Vol. 5). I'll be sure to check out those major events at some point. I'm so tempted to buy all those Zero Hour comics now anyway though, since I feel like I'll read it at some point anyway, and since they're all $1 right now, might as well get the bargain, lol. And I tend to be a completionist with everything, so I would likely go for buying not only the main Zero Hour series, but all like 70+ lead-ins and tie-ins etc. that are associated with it, lol
Oh god, I'd say that's overkill. No need to get all 70+whatever at all. I'd say get the main event and the GL follow up though, that's all you need.
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