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Originally Posted by Tazer View Post
ok, so last nites eps was prolly the dumbest we've seen on this show:
  1. Cisco being surprised that his bros death was due to FP (like, hadn't we dealt with that 3 eps ago, and wasn't it pretty obvious then??)
  2. the reveal of Julian being Doc Alchemy was kinda spoiled last eps, but his hackwriters requirement of Barry to keep Kaitlin safe was .....typical, if Im to be charitable (which isn't saying much)
  3. Kaitlins whole "my powers are making me act this way and I cant stop'em, so my actions aren't my fault.....until Im faced with an act I don't wanna do, so I take control" -story was both yawn-worthy AND predictable; Ive never been so bored looking at her on-screen than I was last nite, becuz ya just KNEW she wasn't gonna stay locked up.
  4. Joes whole "I don't understand the science" -standpoint is a valid 1 to have for him, but his whole "Gotta Trust Mah Gut Becuz Reasons" -mentality was just lame & a sad effort to help move the story/generate drama.
  5. am I the only 1 disappointed that they made Savitar come off as a monsterous cult leader, rather than a time-displaced HUMAN 3rd-worlder w/dreams of being more than he really is? real talk, I was disappointed with his look. :/
....and thankfully, I don't have anything bad to speak about for Iris, cuz shes *usually* the worst character to watch on the show (next to the Crimson Moron himself) with all of her overly-needy & selfish behavior. I hope this trend continues, but I doubt it will.

*cracks knuckles*

1. Cisco was originally P.O.'d at Barry because he wouldn't go back in time and alter that Dante had died. Nobody volunteered to be looped-in on what had changed after Flashpoint, so Cisco didn't know.

2. Yeah, I will concede that "person Barry trusts is secretly a villain" is kind of a tried method with these writers, though I think the CW's casting of an actor so famed for playing a complicated villain had audiences guessing, ", it's too obvious, he can't be Alchemy..."

3. The turnaround of Killer Frost back to Caitlin Snow was fine. I didn't find it particularly exciting, but her earlier action scene/make-out session with Barry and her subsequent cussing him out /more than/ made up for it, IMO.

4. Joe has always been the gut instinct guy. Where have you been, old man, sleeping on your couch?

5. Who is to say that Savitar isn't a time-displaced human (You aren't gonna get the Third World because they're saving the New Gods for the DC Cinematic Universe, sorry ) posing as a monstrous cult leader. His manipulation of the Speed Force could easily be future tech of some kind. Fans are already throwing around the theory that he's H.R.'s unnamed business partner from Earth-Whatever-The-Fuck with just some souped-up tech.

6. Iris is wonderful and you, good sir, can kindly GTFO if you think otherwise.
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