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Originally Posted by IonFan View Post
see this is yet another reason to love the GL movie
Cool vid, thanks for posting.

The suit was a major problem with the movie, but not so central that it's the primary fault. I like some of the ideas here. If it had taken damage and say repaired quickly, that might have sold it as less a floating thing. I also hate when he pinches it. Every time I see that, it seems like he's pinching his belly skin and that makes the suit feel like body paint over a naked body, which is horrible.

I don't know that I feel like the copying is a good thing, though. A lot of the MCU stuff feels so CGI heavy that it comes across as cartoony for me, but I'm a practical-first kind of guy. It's a big reason I'm getting tired of comic book movies in general. When I'm watching a guy that's obviously not there fighting a hundred other things that are obviously not there, my eyes just kind of glaze over and I start checking the time.

Originally Posted by CeltiC5-27 View Post
...I think armored looking suits would be the best way to go, like how they look in the Injustice games.
Originally Posted by W.West View Post
I hate that idea. Sleeker the better.
The Injustice and (before that) the Mortal Kombat vs. DC GLs looked great in the game, but it's such a bold design that I could see it coming off really poorly in real-life.
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