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Online is either meh or total ass, from what I've seen from others' remarks.

Getting back to my testing the waters of Challenge Mode with Deathstroke: I tried out Injustice and Judas, and oh god, is Injustice somehow uglier than Judas, which itself is pretty poor. Slade has only had two decent costumes, Teen Titans cartoon and Arkham Origins, and since we only get the latter of those two here, it looks like I'll be using that exclusively.

I like that he actually has voice acting in Challenge Mode (coughRobincough). Some of the things the enemies say are also pretty good, one being "You look like a robot!" and another being "Deathstroke? More like dead weight!" The dialog during the stealth maps is also good, such as in Hidden Facility, when one of Black Mask's guys says "Someone needs to get the boss a stiff drink" after he yells at them to find and kill you.

Enemies are varied: you even fight the rabbit-masked guys who are controlled by the Mad Hatter in both the fight maps and the stealth maps, specifically Overflow and Checking In. Some of the enemy selection could have used a bit of work, though: in Hidden Facility, there's an armored sniper, a jammer, and a mine guy; in No Money Down, there are two snipers in balconies and several armored enemies roaming. I haven't unlocked very many maps, so perhaps those are specially designed to be extra tricky, but it doesn't seem thoughtfully drawn up to me.

In addition to the patch to fix the bugs, I'd like more challenge maps, since I have barely any inclination to play online. Personally, I still think two-man predator maps would have been a good idea, leaving out the 3x3 shooter elements. I'd say I would also want an extra costume or two for Slade, but I seriously doubt that WB will put any out for him, and will focus on Batman and Robin instead (really wish Robin was playable in Challenge Mode).
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