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Think about a television series. It can't depend on one particular writer, because a series uses up too far much material for that to be feasible. A series has to have a concept that's simple, clear and rich enough in story-producing potential that any competent writer can turn out good episodes for it.

When I hear comics readers say that only one particular writer can make a comic work, what I hear is that the concept of the comic isn't viable.

So what happened to Green Lantern? Why was its concept perfectly viable from 1959 until 1994, when DC bizarrely decided to nuke it, and why has the company not been able to get it back to where it once belonged?

The answer is that Geoff Johns doesn't really want to write Green Lantern. He makes up new stuff that's very loosely based on Green Lantern and that gets people excited for a while, but has no staying power. And even he can't make the changes he invents work for long, let alone can anyone who tries to follow him.

The answer is, they need to go back to writing Green Lantern. No reinvention of that wheel is going to roll.

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