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I'd love a Kyle live action series, maybe that's why they teased the character in the Arrowverse with the appearance of Radu's a couple seasons back. Like somebody said though, in this day and age it'd likely be SJW'ed until it was unrecognizable. I can see it now... starring Mario Lopez as Kyle going back to art school after a failed attempt at drawing comics after moving from LA to NYC. Back in school he'd meet his new gay friend Terry Berg, his art rival and all around nutjob Alex Nero, and the girl of his dreams destined to be stuffed in a fridge by season's end... Alexandra DeWitt.

If Kyle was ever done in live action and they could stay away from the SJW shit and focus on what made the character great for the better part of his era [basically he was the darker haired Peter Parker of the DCU] I'd be ten kinds of psyched. They recreated Blue Beetle and introduced Jessica Cruz to add more Spanish speaking folks to the DCU, there's no real reason to keep bringing up Kyle's ethnicity like it's some huge part of why he's so popular. The only difference between this and Hal being Jewish outta nowhere is they don't hammer us in the head with it having Hal celebrate Hanukkah, speaking Yiddish, etc.
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