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John Diggle's step father is a general who has the surname Stewart. Paired with the line from 90's Flash in Elseworlds, this indicates that Dig is the Arrowverse John Stewart, which is why it is likely that David Ramsey (the actor) will be a GL in the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover, even if just as another Earth's version of him.

Moving forward from that with a GL series based on said character from whatever Earth isn't far fetched, but as has been pointed out already, may be financially difficult given the limitations of a CW budget. Not impossible, of course, just difficult. Were it to happen, I'd fear a commonality of laser blasts to befall the ring's usage to make it all cheaper, as that wouldn't cost anymore than the constant use of CG arrows in Arrow. That being said, they could also use practical props for constructs and simply tint them green in post, so it may not be entirely impractical.

I would support it, but them I'm that fangirl who supports all of the CW DC superhero shows, so that's not necessarily saying much.
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