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Default $169 bucks at the comic store this week?!?

Admittedly I haven't been to my local comic shop in three weeks, but...$169? That was what my stack came out to be, though I only got four actual individual comics yesterday.

I picked up Edge Of Oblivion #4, Omega Men #11, and both covers for Sinestro #22.

What got me was the hardcovers/trades. I got the softcover of GL volume 6, the hardcover for GL vol 7. And the big one was the Geoff Johns GL vol 3. That was over a hundred bucks alone after my discount.

The omnibus will stay in shrinkwrap with the other two Geoff Johns GL on my GL bookcase for a few years. At some point I'll feel nostalgic enough to do a massive reread and I'll use the omnibus format where I can. Just glad that's over and his whole run has been collected in that format. My subscriptions end there in June when the 52 titles and and Rebirth begins. I'm not ordering any new collections so this was the last big purchase I had to make. I didn't want to stick my local shop with crap that I previously ordered before planning my exodus from the hobby.

Sadly, the one book I DID go to the store to buy, Locke & Key Master Edition volume II wasn't there, lol. I had to give him the Diamond ordering number for it again so they could get it for me!
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