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Originally Posted by Big Blue Lantern View Post
It's another aspect of comic book publishing that keeps the industry afloat. Variant cover collectors look at them as a particular form of art, much in the same way that card collectors might buy a dozen or more variants of a Pokémon/Sports/Garbage Pail Kids card. To those of us who put storytelling first, that might seem a little weird, but I don't want VCCs to go away.
The entire premise behind them is very strange to me. It seems like it causes stores to buy a bunch of stuff they probably can't sell. The publishers are essentially dumping a lot of crap on them. Nobody should buy stuff that they cannot sell or cannot use in some fashion. At least they certainly shouldn't feel like they have to. Retailers buying loads and loads of stuff that cannot reasonably be sold...I see a lot of flaws in such a system.
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