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dammit, BDD beat me to it but he's right & heres why; the RF apparently KNOWS wat Barry is & where to find him, so if this was future Eddie on some revenge trip cuz Allen ends up pulling off a cockblock -coup then why would he go all the way back in to to kill Nora *after* she's given birth to Barry? and when the YS paid Joe that visit, it was after he'd announced his intention help Barry figure who/wat he is......and IIRC that was something he'd said @ STAR Labs w/o Eddie being present. also, for somebody who was beaten bloody like Wells was (almost as if he owed him $$$), he seemed pretty fine not long after (almost as if he HEALS QUICKLY.....)

combine that with Wells constantly trying to teach/show Barry how to be faster AND killing ppl who could be a threat to him behind the scenes, I dont see any plausible way to make Eddie the RF..........altho he *could* still end up being this guy:


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