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I'm not privy to DC's inner workings, but I think that Geoff Johns is active in Green Lantern and many other DC properties (like Superman, where his buddy Tomasi writes one of the key titles), being president and all. Considering Green Lantern, I can't easily file it away to coincidence that during this Rebirth thing (which is certainly Geoff Johns' idea) Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz have their own comic book, and there is almost nothing but stories that rely extremely heavily on the Emotional Spectrum. I recall him also saying that he personally selected Sam Humphries to write Green Lanterns, and Johns even co-wrote the Rebirth Special issue of Green Lanterns. I believe Johns broadly set the directions for the Green Lantern titles, meaning what characters would be used and what characters would be focused on versus others, and what he wanted the stories to have, like what villains and such would be used.
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