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Talk smack all you want. This comic wasn't cancelled after 5 or 6 issues.

And Superboy's classic series in the 90's lasted over one hundred issues well into the year 2002. I'm not talking about the 60's. The clone's always been popular. Only reason I bothered with Teen Titans was because Superboy was involved. Originally, that was the only reason I got into LoSH before becoming a big fan. I'd wager he's more popular than Supergirl despite her constantly getting a bigger push. The Kara Zor El version [aka the *main* version, not Matrix or one of the others] has only appeared in about one thousand more comics than Conner Kent, and her first appearance was in '59. She had a 35 year head start. Superboy has been sold in 1,396 comics since '94. Kara's only been sold in 2,283 comics since '59. 23 years comparing to 58 years.

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