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I think Sensational Comics should be a Wonder Woman team-up title. Brave & the Bold should be a Batman team-up title. Get rid of Batman/Superman, Superman/WW, and Trinity. That's spreading the characters a bit too thin, and anything with the Trinity should involve the rest of the JL as well and just be in the JL comics... [and half the Trinity issues I've read included the JL anyway!].

Strange Adventures coming back as a cosmic DC title with rotating stories, characters, and creators could be cool. Could include Lobo, Capt. Comet, Adam Strange, [insert color] Lanterns sparingly, the Darkstars, Thanagarians, Blackfire, the Omega Men...

^^^ Make it like Future Quest. Slowly tie one to the next until you come full circle for a big payoff with several of them in one big battle or against a mutual enemy.

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